Business Network

Business Network is a private, not-for-profit Turkish-British Business Association aiming to promote and increase the bilateral trade potential and investment levels between Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Business Network was founded in 2008 by a group of Turkish and British business people. We presently have around 500 business people members and 15,000 subscribers who receive regular services such as seminars, panels, conferences and similar activities from us around the UK and Turkey.

Additionally, we publish a bi-monthly magazine named BN Magazine ( Interviews with numerous politicians, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and leaders including Boris JOHNSON, Mayor of London, Nick CLEGG, Deputy Prime Minister, Stelios Haji-IOANNOU, Easyjet founder and Chris BRYANT, MEP amongst others. Copies of the magazine have been distributed around the UK and Turkey to politicians, think tanks, civil societies, businesses, entrepreneurs, large company’s amongst a host of others.


Business Networks objectives are:

  • To increase the productivity and efficiency of our members;
  • To maximizing our members’ potential;
  • To support their growth in their professional development;
  • To further economic trade by encouraging knowledge and experience sharing between its members;
  • To engage in social, economic and cultural activities that concern our society;
  • To contribute to the development of international integration and globalization competitiveness and social welfare, employment, productivity, innovative capacity and the quality of education;
  • To contribute to the national economic development;
  • To represent its members towards British, Turkish and international authorities;
  • To represent and foster the entrepreneurs activities within public and private organisations;
  • To contribute to the internationalization of its members thus increasing productivity;
  • To increase their competitiveness at the national and international level;
  • To promote and defend their interests in the UK and abroad;
  • To promote participation in British economic and social activities;
  • To encourage the growth of female entrepreneurs;


To achieve the set objectives, Biznet carries out a number of activities:

Professional Development: information sessions, seminars, workshops, panels, study programmes, conferences and congresses.
Investment and international trade: business trips, sectoral meetings, international fairs and commercial launches;
Entrepreneurship: financial, judicial, administrative, technological and investment advice;
Advocacy: it is paramount for Biznet to advocate for its members so as to reach full recognition of their economic contribution to our society. For this reason, Business Network maintains close communication and collaboration with key institutional actors to promote its members’ concerns.

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