Unlocking the potential of diverse entrepreneurs, the European Agenda for Inclusive Entrepreneurship aims to create, empower, and connect individuals from all backgrounds across Europe. By fostering an inclusive environment, empowering entrepreneurs, and promoting connections across diversity, this agenda offers a strategic framework for sustainable economic growth and societal progress.

Through evidence-based policy recommendations, such as developing a Europe-wide policy on inclusive entrepreneurship and establishing a European Inclusive SME Bank, the agenda seeks to address barriers and provide tailored support for entrepreneurs. Additionally, initiatives to enhance social safety nets, simplify administrative procedures, and embed entrepreneurship education at all levels aim to empower individuals to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

The agenda emphasises the importance of networks, partnerships, and mobility in promoting diversity and fostering economic relationships. By incentivizing diverse business networks, forming partnerships between public and private stakeholders, and easing legal requirements for third-country nationals, the agenda promotes inclusivity and deeper economic connections.

Policy Brief

This policy brief outlines a comprehensive framework designed to foster diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe. Recognising the vital role entrepreneurs play in driving economic growth and societal innovation, this agenda emphasises the importance of ensuring entrepreneurship opportunities are accessible to all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or background.

Why Inclusive Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship should be an option for everyone. However, many individuals, especially women, young people, and those from cross-cultural backgrounds, face significant barriers that prevent them from turning their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. This policy brief highlights the underrepresentation of these groups in entrepreneurship and the potential economic benefits of inclusive policies.

Policy Recommendations

The agenda calls for a supportive environment for cross-cultural entrepreneurs, the implementation of intersectional approaches, and the creation of an inclusive entrepreneurship intergroup in the European Parliament. It also recommends evidence-based policymaking and stronger EU mandates to ensure coordinated efforts across member states.

Inclusive entrepreneurship is essential for creating a more equitable and thriving economic landscape in Europe. By removing barriers and providing tailored support, we can unlock the potential of underrepresented groups, driving innovation and sustainable growth across the continent.