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European Advocacy

UNITEE acts as a mediator between its members and major players at the European level in order to strengthen their voice and position as key actors in Europe’s economic, social and sustainable development.

To do so, UNITEE:


The European Agenda for Inclusive Entrepreneurship outlines a strategic framework for unlocking the potential of cross-cultural entrepreneurs across Europe. Learn how it fosters support, empowerment, and connections, driving sustainable economic growth. From evidence-based policymaking to inclusive partnerships, the manifesto fosters support, empowerment, and connections, and drives for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

UNITEE regularly meets relevant actors to influence their general attitude and approach towards our members.

Our conferences involve a large group of entrepreneurs and business professionals and include the participation of several speakers (politicians, experts and entrepreneurs). Our expert roundtables bring together experts from different backgrounds (MEPs, academics, civil servants, professionals) and a small group of entrepreneurs.

UNITEE takes a strong position on a number of issues that affect our members.

UNITEE has developed its own magazine, The New European, as an instrument of policy making. It provides ideas for action on a variety of topics we consider to be central to the future of Europe.