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Videos and Event Recordings

Migrant Women and Digital Skills

Online Event

Migrant women have energy and skills. Europe’s information technology sector, despite a shortage of job applicants, is unable to tap them. The RIDE project celebrated International Migrants’ Day in this webinar, exploring how to use training and mentoring to match people with jobs, more concreteley how migrant women can be integrated into Europe’s digital labour market.

The session was chaired by Vesa Latifi (DIESIS). Speakers included Frohar Poya (ENoMW), Iffat Gill (Code to Change), and Liane Adler (Litus Novum.

Young Migrants and Cities – New Pathways for Local Participation and Inclusion

Online Workshop

This workshop, organised by UNITEE, INTEGRIM Lab and Eurocities, focuses on the movement and local inclusion of young migrants in Europe in the context of social and territorial cohesion. Together with the workshop participants, we explored the challenges faced by young migrants, as well as their visions and needs, as they try to find jobs and settle in Europe.

MILE: What does migrant inclusion have to do with local democracy and a sustainable Europe?

Project Video

MILE is a project about migrant inclusion and participation at the local level. We bring together different local migrant groups, municipalities and research teams across Europe to develop tools for diverse and inclusive policy-making. Find out more here.

This video has been filmed and produced by Umit Vurel.

Local Democracy for All: Making Migrants’ Voices Heard

Online Event

On the occasion of International Day of Democracy 2022, this live discussion brought together different partners of the MILE project representing municipalities, research and civil society across Europe. Together, we reflected on different approaches to promoting local democracy and inclusive cities that involve migrants and refugees in decision-making.