Danish Turkish Business Federation

The Danish Turkish Business Federation (DATİFED), created by 5 business associations in date to , represents entrepreneurs, employees and business professionals with a Turkish background. Turkish businessmen residing in Denmark have been active there for 48 years already. The goal by bringing them under one roof and to found DATIFED was to make them to take an active role in world trade.


DATIFIED’s objectives are:

  • To be engaged in economic, social and cultural activities that affect society;
  • To contribute to the development of international integration and globalization, competitiveness and social welfare, employment, productivity, innovative capacity and the quality of education;
  • To increase the scope of its work for the “collective consciousness” that make up a democratic, active, collaborative, pioneering, innovative and entrepreneurial ”Civil Society Organizations”.

In particular, through its various activities, DATIFIED sets out to maximize its members potential in order to help them contribute actively to society.


DATIFED’s activities are all embracing. Here is a short selection:

  • To exchange information on professional subjects;
  • To make joint investments for creating powerful new organizations;
  • To spread the entrepreneurial spirit in the community;
  • To promote vocational training for entrepreneurs and provide solutions to their sectoral problems;
  • To protect the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially prioritizing young entrepreneurship;
  • To cooperate with universities and research organizations;
  • To conduct studies to increase environmental awareness in the context of sustainability.

In addition to being a founding member of UNITEE, DATIFIED is a coordinator of the Northern European Turkish Business Associations Platform, and the Turkish-Scandinavian Friendship Platform.