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If European democracies want to remain free, open and cohesive, they must ensure that all citizens, regardless of their origins, find a way towards citizenship, understand their rights and obligations, and are able to make full use of them. However, in many countries, people with a migrant background face obstacles to political participation, often as a result of greater exclusion from society.

Ensuring the full economic integration of 50% of the population will increase economic productivity. By doing so, it will prevent poverty in old age, balance out the economic impact of demographic change, and create a more diverse workforce and leadership, leading to innovation and new dynamism. Women with a migrant background often face discrimination on the basis of both their gender and their ethnicity. Therefore, their immense potential is largely unused.

New European busines professionals trigger innovation and facilitate international trade, thus fostering economic growth. Their economic significance has also been continuously increasing. By having a professional career, New European business professionals act as role models, enhance chances of upward mobility, foster the economic incorporation and integration of migrants, and promote social cohesion.

Entrepreneurship offers a real opportunity to bypass the discrimination that New Europeans face in the labour market. By creating jobs for others, including members of their own community, New European entrepreneurs also act as role models, enhance chances of upward mobility, and foster the economic incorporation and integration of migrants.

Entrepreneurship can play a key role in the fight against youth unemployment, as young entrepreneurs create theri own jobs, and in many cases, hire others. By tapping into the creativity and innovative spirit of young people, youth entrepreneurship will also help increase European competitiveness and growth.