New Europeans

UNITEE represents entrepreneurs and business professionals with a migrant background, most of them of Turkish descent, whom we refer to as ‘New Europeans’.

Why New Europeans?

Our members are first, second or third generation immigrants. Their country of origin is still dear to them but they see themselves as fully Europeans and consider Europe to be their future. They are therefore not « migrants » in the strictest sense, a term which brings us back to the “myth of return” that is no longer applicable.

This is why UNITEE fully embraces and promotes the term “New European”, a concept defined by the European Commission as “people who live in the EU and have connections with more than just the country where they live (whether this is another Member State, a European country outside the EU, or a non-European country).”

New European entrepreneurs and business professionals live and work in a European country but have ties that go beyond their current country of residence, thus possessing a dual  or plural cultural and linguistic background.

New Europeans’ contributions

Overall, studies focus on ethnic sectors where immigrants, especially the first generation, have been traditionally confined. New Europeans have much more to offer.

Not only are they job creators but, thanks to their dual cultural background and their entrepreneurial spirit, they are also key players in the development of innovative products and services and in the internationalisation of European SMEs.

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