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Representing entrepreneurs and professionals with a migrant background,  UNITEE advocates for an economically strong, sustainable and diverse Europe.

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    EU SMEs 2030: boosting cyber-resilience during the EU’s Digital Decade

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    Event by Friends of Europe.
    Read more here.

    Live streamed event.

    Accounting for 99% of all EU businesses and employing approximately 100mn people, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the EU’s Single Market. According to the EU’s digital targets, more than 90% of SMEs should reach at least a basic level of digitalisation by 2030. What are the digital tools, solutions and knowledge that SMEs need in order to survive and grow in the face of the ongoing geopolitical, security and energy crises?

    This Policy Insight debate looks at the role that the public and private sectors must play in creating an environment in which SMEs can continue riding the wave of digital growth where cyber-security is indispensable for the EU’s digital decade 2030. Europe’s future competitiveness and growth ultimately rely on the success of SMEs.