Vision and Mission


UNITEE plays a crucial role in Europe as it is the only organisation representing entrepreneurs and professionals with a migrant background, whom we refer to as « New Europeans »: people who live in Europe but have connections with more than just the country where they live.

Through its national federations and member associations, UNITEE represents entrepreneurs and business professionals across European countries and from all the major sectors of the European economy.


UNITEE works for:

An economically strong Europe …
UNITEE aims at strengthening European SMEs, the backbone of the EU’s economy.

… sustainable, social and smart
The EU’s economic growth should be a “healthy” one, namely respecting the citizens’ well-being and their environment.

…  drawing its strength from the diversity of  its citizens
In particular, our ambition is to reach definite open-mindedness towards New Europeans’ assets for EU countries.

… seeking deeper  economic relations with the countries of origin of our members
UNITEE aims at fostering our members’ role as  economic bridge between Europe and their country of origin


To create the Europe that we envisioned, we believe that our members have a key role to play. Indeed, due to their dual cultural and linguistic background, as well as their entrepreneurial spirit, New European entrepreneurs and business professionals constitute a major asset in terms of international trade, but also with regard to job creation and innovation.

Our mission is therefore to represent and support New European entrepreneurs and business professionals through:

  • European Advocacy: Advocate our members’ interests to local, national and European public authorities.
  • Services: Provide a wide range of services to our members to aid in their economic, social and cultural development. We encourage them to play a stronger role in their country of residence and at the European level.


New European responds to our vocation to embrace entrepreneurs and business professionials in Europe of all migrant backgrounds: those we refer to as New Europeans, “people who live and work in Europe, but have connections with more than just the country where they live.”

UNITEE will thus continue to bring forward the invaluable asset that our members, wherever they are from, possess: a dual cultural and linguistic background, which is most welcomed in times of market globalisation and increased competition.

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New Europeans or Old Europeans?
The European Commission uses the term 'New Europeans' to contrast them with 'Old Europeans': «the latter are EU citizens who have no special connection with any country other than their own. Of course, the terms 'New and Old Europeans' as used in this report have nothing to do with 'old' and 'new' Member States (i.e. those that joined the EU since 2004).»

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