Our Programme

The UNITEE Internship Programme provides a small group of students and young professionals with an interesting and rewarding experience.

The interns are offered the opportunity to participate in various aspects of UNITEE’s work (conferences, roundtables, communication, advocacy…).

As it favours the ‘Learning by doing’ approach, an internship at UNITEE offers significant responsibilities as well as great freedom of initiative.

Open positions:

  1. EU Policy Internship 

Duration: 4months
Starting date: 2nd March 2020
Deadline for applications: 15th February 2020
Location: Brussels
Allowance: 500 euros


Learning by doing

«Anything that we have to learn to do, we learn by doing it.»
Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

 At UNITEE, we create a flexible and creative environment, where your ideas are valued and appreciated, and where you will develop your competencies and derive a sense of purpose.

Inspiring Professionals

There is nothing quite like speaking face-to-face with a professional to learn how to launch a successful career. This is why, every month, UNITEE offers its interns the opportunity to meet active professionals in their field of specialisation.