UNITEE’s declaration on the result of the French Presidential elections
May 16 2017 | Category: Other UNITEE - Image 2013 © UNITEE

UNITEE, the New European Business confederation, congratulates the new President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, for his victory. The election of a centrist candidate who has strongly defended core European values during his campaign is a strong signal, as it has proven that populism and extremism can be defeated with an optimistic and open message.

Mr Macron has shown, through his first actions as President, the desire to go beyond established political boundaries in order to bring together an open, diverse and multicultural society while, at the same time, further cooperating with all European countries.

The election of Mr Macron gives an important message: France, one of the founding members of the European Union, will play a crucial role in ensuring a stronger Europe. Now is the time for Europe to work united and stand together for what we believe, and continue to fight populism by defending democracy, competitiveness and freedom.

UNITEE, as a representative of entrepreneurs and business professionals with a migrant background, strongly stands behind the values supported by the French electorate, and it shows its support for a fairer, inclusive and welcoming European society.

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