New Europeans and their Potential for the EU
Jan 8 2014 | Category: Expert Roundtables UNITEE - Image 2013 © UNITEE

In the context of the upcoming EU elections, it is important to facilitate the dialogue between citizens and their representatives. New European entrepreneurs are at the center of society and constitute an enormous potential for the EU. UNITEE, in close cooperation with its German federation BUV, organised the roundtable as a mean to facilitate the exchange of ideas between policy makers and its members.

It was hosted by MEP Ismail ERTUG onthe 8th of January, 2014 at the European Parliament in Brussels. 18 executives from BUV’s 21 member associations, a dozen entrepreneurs from the whole of Germany, as well as further 5 German MEPs (Member of the European Parliament) Ms Birgit SCHNIEBER-JASTRAM (EPP), Mr Rainer WIELAND (EPP), Mr Joachim ZELLER (EPP), Mr Jens GEIER (S&D), Mr Jürgen KLUTE (GUE/NGL) listened to the panel:

  •     Mr Ismail ERTUG (S&D) Host
  •     Mr Adem KUMCU, President of UNITEE
  •     Mr Önder KURT, General Secretary of BUV,
  •     Mr Marko CURAVIC, Head of Unit “Entrepreneurship” in the European Commission
  •     Mr Arno METZLER, Director of VBI

New Europeans

“New European entrepreneurs play a key role in the building of an economically strong, innovative and cohesive Europe”. These were the first words of Mr KUMCU. New European entrepreneurs are key for stimulating the European economy, as well as bringing innovation in an increasingly pluralistic society. Mr Metzler, Director of VBI and Member of EWSA, underlined the persisting inability of the EU to profit from its diversity, and paid special attention to the subject of multilingualism, as it represents a core competence in the single market.


In his contribution, the General Secretary of BUV, Mr KURT mentioned how the BUV explores the issue of “entrepreneurial diversity” through its activities and events, and expressed the relevance of such concept for Germany. Indeed, Europe needs to foster entrepreneurial spirit and thus in order for it to be successful the European Commission is taking action by implementing measures dedicated to this, as Mr CURAVIC, Head of Unit “Entrepreneurship” in the European Commission  points out.

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