The Economic Crisis and Responsible Entrepreneurship
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Human Rights and Economic Crisis: The Answer of Responsible Entrepreneurship

In the context of the economic crisis, the impact of the austerity measures in some European Governments has affected the guarantee and protection of Human Rights, especially among the most vulnerable.

UNITEE organised a conference in the Council of Europe, a symbolic place for social rights, on the 14th of May 2014 to discuss the role of entrepreneurs in this crisis.

The panel included:

•    Abdurahman ATLI, Head of UNITEE Strasbourg (Moderator)
•    Luis JIMENA QUESADA, President of the European Committee of Social Rights of the Council of Europe and Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Valencia (Spain)
•    Régis BRILLAT, Head of Department of the European Social Charter
•    Adem KUMCU, President of UNITEE

UNITEE’s Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility

It is absolutely necessary to care about human rights and social rights in Europe, particularly in times of crisis. Adem Kumcu reminded the audience of the role government’s and European institutions’ play in the protection of human rights. Additionally, he highlighted that entrepreneurs must also be guardians of these rights in a globalized economy. Therefore, UNITEE works actively on stimulating responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship by sharing  practical and theoretical advices with its member, and by educating them on the importance of corporate social responsibility.

The Role of the European Social Charter (ESC)

Régis Brillat pointed out, how, in his opinion, the importance of the ESC should be the same as the European Convention on Human Rights. The Charter, ratified by 43 of the 47 countries of the Council of Europe, guarantees many social rights concerning employment and working conditions. The Head of Department of the ESC explained the role of the European Committee of Social Rights. This committee is the real guardian of the Social Charter; it can judge the accordance of the laws and the practices of its members by publishing conclusions.

The Obligation to Preserve Social Benefits Facing the Austerity Measures

The pan European ESC symbolizes social democracy and the protection of social rights. Unfortunately, this social benefit is now threatened by austerity measures. Luis Jimena Quesada strongly condemned governments that were not respecting the social rights safeguarded by the Charter during the implementation of austerity measures.  Using the example of Greece, the European Committee of Social Rights condemned it’s implementation of austerity measures imposed by the Troika.

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