Achievements and Challenges of Sweden’s integration policies
Mar 27 2013 | Category: Conferences UNITEE - Image 2013 © UNITEE

In previous years, Sweden has often been referred to as a role model with regards to integration policies, at the European level. It goes without saying that the existing status quo is not by any means perfect; nevertheless, when compared to many of its European siblings, Sweden still leads the pack. This is why UNITEE, the European-Turkish Business Confederation, and its member federation, SweTurk, the Swedish Turkish Business Federation, decided to organise a conference focusing on Sweden’s integration policies.

The event took place on 27th March in Stockholm, at the IVAs Conference Centre and gathered more than 140 participants.

Many participants were entrepreneurs and professionals of migrant descent, also referred to as “New Europeans” by UNITEE to highlight their dual and cultural background. Additionally, diplomats and representatives of different private or civil society organisations attended the event.

The attendees had the pleasure to hear contributions from a large panel of excellent speakers:

  • Mr Ullenhag, Swedish Minister for Integration
  • H. E. Zergün Korutürk, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Sweden
  • Ms Almgren, President of UEAPME
  • Mr Nilsson, President of EESC
  • Ms Corazza Bildt MEP
  • Dr Kumcu, President of UNITEE
  • Mr Gökhan Dogan, President of Sweturk’s Professionals
  • Dr Emre Yildiz, Fedesta Board Member

Among others, Dr Kumcu pointed out the need in Europe to provide prompt answers to the ‘traders of fears’, who use migrants as black sheep for many of the EU’s current problems. In the same vein, Mr Ullenhag highlighted the richness migrants have actually brought with them to Sweden and further pointed out that the countries, who will correctly address the tolerance issue, will be the winning ones. Mr Nilsson underscored for his part the fact that Sweden has understood the necessity to foster entrepreneurship for people of a migrant background, the results of which are palpable today.

This event was SweTurk’s first major conference and the outstanding quality of the event has been a very rewarding experience for the all participants.

To read the full report, please click on: Sweden conference long report

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