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Workshop on migrant entrepreneurship at EESC

The workshop happened in occasion of the launch of the 2016...
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UNITEE at the 1st EU-Australia Leadership Forum

Giovanni Collot, Communications Manager at UNITEE and Editor in Chief...
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Fourth UNITEE Expert Roundtable: the contribution of civil society in EU-Turkey relations

5th UNITEE Expert Roundtable: the contribution of civil society in EU-Turkey relations

On the 6th of June, UNITEE hosted its yearly expert...
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UNITEE’s declaration on the result of the French Presidential elections

UNITEE, the New European Business confederation, congratulates the new President...
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UNITEE supports the TOGETHER initiative

UNITEE, the New European Business Confederation, has the pleasure to...
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UNITEE at the March for Europe in Rome, 25 March

Last weekend, in order to celebrate the 6oth Anniversary of...
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UNITEE joins the call for the Europe we want

UNITEE, together with other 241 organisations and trade unions, has...
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UNITEE’s declaration on the results of the Dutch elections

UNITEE, the New European Business Confederation, welcomes the results of...
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UNITEE at 2016 SME Assembly

The SME Assembly is the most significant event for small...
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A section from the issue's cover, TNE #7

Read The New European #7 – SMEs, the EU’s engine for growth

SMEs, consisting of more 99% of all companies in the...
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LeMit Ethnic Food 2016

LeMit Ethnic Food 2016 – Trade Fair and Forum for...
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Franchising & Partnership 2016

Booklet of the fair   Visit the website of the...
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Halal Expo Europe

www.halalexpoeurope.com Halal Expo Europe The second edition of Halal Expo...
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Secretary General meeting

UNITEE, the New European Business Confederation, organized its annual Secretary...
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How to encourage immigrant entrepreneurship?

“The sense of creativity and initiative that migrants can bring...
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Business Beyond Borders

“Being open-minded, open to ideas and diversity is our key...
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Unification and integration of Turkish and Greek parts of Cyprus

The president of UNITEE, Dr. Kumcu, was invited to a...
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Business and Trade Fair

UNITEE- New European Business Confederation organised the first edition of...
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Cultures United Festival

The Cultures United Festival took place on Friday, 5 June...
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New European Awards

The 1st New European Awards took place in the European Parliament, in the...
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A more Inclusive Democracy: How New Europeans are changing European Politics

Thanks to their multiple backgrounds, New Europeans have important assets...
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Modern Pioneers: The Economic Impact of New Europeans

Thanks to their multiple backgrounds, New Europeans have important assets...
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Turkey in 2015

Latest developments in EU-Turkey relations From the political turmoil of...
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Breaking Down Barriers

Towards Gender Equality at Work   With the new term...
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Melting Pots as Cradles of Innovation Modern life is undoubtedly...
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The Costs of Non-Europe

How Euroscepticism is Harming European Integration The economic crisis of the...
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The Economic Crisis and Responsible Entrepreneurship

Human Rights and Economic Crisis: The Answer of Responsible Entrepreneurship...
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TTIP: Fears of the Unknown

Negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a...
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May 2014: European Citizenship in the Spotlight

The role of all citizens, including the “New Europeans”, is...
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Social and Solidarity Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

The Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) represents a new form...
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2014-03-20_Expert Roundtable Active Citizenship - Group picture

The Role of NGOs in Promoting Active Citizenship

In view of the upcoming 2014 EU elections, the joint...
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Euroscepticism: How to Understand it, How to Fight it

Eurosceptic parties are attracting more and more voters across Europe....
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2014: EU-Turkey Relations

Since spring of 2013, Turkey has experienced a period of...
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Innovation: A Major Issue for the Development of SMEs

Innovation drives the growth of SMEs. Hence, it is highly...
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Innovative Entrepreneurship

The economic crisis in Europe forced many EU countries to...
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New Europeans and their Potential for the EU

In the context of the upcoming EU elections, it is...
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Skills to Unleash: New European Entrepreneurs

The added-value of New European entrepreneurs can facilitate economic growth...
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EPP Group Bureau Meeting

In the light of the upcoming European elections, one of...
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UNITEE’s exclusive interview with European Commissioner Tajani

Can Europe find a way out of the crisis and...
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A Focus on the Entrepreneurial Challenges of New European Women

Currently, only 34.4% of women in Europe are self-employed and...
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Achievements and Challenges of Sweden’s integration policies

In previous years, Sweden has often been referred to as...
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A Fresh Perspective on EU-Turkey Relations

EU-Turkey relations should not be analysed solely from the perspective...
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New European Talents for the EU

In theory, the European institutions are a place that should...
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