UNITEE and Medest Organised a Joint Panel on the Turkish Dimension of the EU’s Foreign Policy
Jun 10 2013 | Category: Members - Image 2013 © UNITEE

UNITEE wants to bring the EU and Turkey closer together. On the 10th of June, 2013, UNITEE, together with its member association, Medest, organised a panel discussion in Strasbourg. The topic of the panel was about the strategic importance of Turkey for EU foreign policy, defence and security. The two panellists,     Mr Arnaud Danjean MEP and Mr Adem Kumcu, President of UNITEE, emphasized the importance of EU-Turkey cooperation for the future of the EU.

Mr Danjean is a French MEP and a specialist in the field of defence and security. During his presentation, Mr Danjean explained that economically, the EU is a giant in the world but  a dwarf politically and its influence on world order is not as it should be. He focused on the question of the EU neighbourhood policy, Mediterranean Alliance, EU-Atlantic, EU-Asia relations and specifically, EU-Turkey relations.

Mr Kumcu pointed out that Turkey plays a crucial role in the energy security of the EU. He emphasized that Turkey has always been a very trustful member of NATO. Also, Turkey has been a loyal partner of the EU, with its strong motivation to become a full member. Another defense issue mentioned during his speech was human trafficking and drug trafficking and the role of Turkey in protecting Europe from these illegal trades. Because of its geostrategic location, Turkey also plays an important role in the regions such as the Caucasus and Middle East.

The presentations were followed by an open panel with the audience of 50 people, while which the participants had the opportunity to discuss the evening’s topics with members of the panels.


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