PRONET asks young citizens to imagine a future for Great Britain
Apr 24 2013 | Category: Members - Image 2013 © UNITEE

How does one help its country’s morale during an economic crisis? By asking citizens to brainstorm on a better tomorrow.

This year, PRONET has accomplished just that, by organising a clever and original event to try and lift the British spirit. Many young UK citizens were invited – through a short, friendly video – to examine the state of Great Britain, from its greatness to its faults. Although acknowledging recession, high levels of unemployment, and a shrinking job market, the project chose to focus on future opportunities and serves a large dose of much needed optimism.

The project entitled “If!Britain” is asking one simple question : How can we improve Great Britain ?

Participants wrote short essays to share an idea, a concept, or a vision on the future of their island. They were asked to reflect on the possible solutions to economic, environmental and social challenges.

The objective was to inspire in young generations an impulse, a renewed trust and fresh motivation towards the years to come, for their economy and their community.

In exchange, PRONET generously offered prizes, but also the opportunity to network with potential future employers and important contacts.

The event held on the 24th of April, 2013 was a resounding success as illustrated by the night of the ceremony which gathered numerous guests in the heart of London.

The winners expressed their gratitude during the ceremony and many praised the innovative and inspiring concept.

Until next year, UNITEE and PRONET invite all Europeans to keep imagining the bright future of the European Union together.

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