LeMit Ethnic Food 2016
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LeMit Ethnic Food 2016 – Trade Fair and Forum for Ethnic Food and Gastronomy will open its doors to companies and visitors on the 24th and 25th of April 2016 in Düsseldorf/Neuss. The first two LeMit fairs and forums, which took place in May 2014 and 2015, brought together mainly international participants active in the food sector from all around Europe. Additionally, the strongest players in the European food sector landscape, like EDEKA and REWE-Group, joined the long list of food producers and wholesalers also visitors to the fair.

LeMit Ethnic Food 2016 – Trade Fair and Forum for Ethnic Food and Gastronomy  is now a major event for SMEs from the whole globe. LeMit offers participants the possibility to build up sustainable business relations and acts as a platform to see the latest innovations in the ethnic food and gastronomy sector.

On top of that, participating companies get the opportunity to present their products in order to find suitable trade partners from a pool of German and European participants.

As a further strategic step, B2B-meetings will be organized for cooperation to take place between trade partners active at local and international level.

LeMit Ethnic Food is an annual major event, which will take place this year in the capital of Germany´s most populated Federal State (Bundesland), North Rhine-Westphalia, namely in Düsseldorf. Strategically located, Düsseldorf can easily reach 150 million people within a radius a 500 kilometres; this corresponds to a third of EU consumers and 45% of EU purchasing power.

We warmly invite all those from the food sector to take advantage of this unique opportunity in order to introduce their company as well as present their products, to increase their market share but also improve their staffs´ skills during the forum´s multiple sectoral presentations.

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