Food Investment and International Meat Trade
Mar 10 2013 | Category: Members - Image 2013 © UNITEE

On 10 March 2013, Business Network was actualized one of the conventional and sectorial breakfasts titled “Nourishment and the International Meat Trade,” which was hosted in Covent Garden Sofra restaurant. Participants were informed about the opportunities in investing in the nourishment and international meat trade.

The lecture was given by commercial counselor Yavuz Mollasalihoglu and Tuncel Nalbantoğlu who is founder of Catering Ltd. In the meeting in which the current horsemeat issue in England was mentioned, advice was given to those already in the sector so that could avoid infected supplies. Steps for further cooperation was also outlined in an effort to prevent future risks that would jeopardies the food sector.

Tuncel Nalbantoğlu expressed that slaughtering horses is issue which has been going on for years and these meats products have been poured into the UK markets. Nalbantoğlu stated that there is nothing wrong with choosing to eat horse meat, as is done in many European countries, but customers must know what they are buying and that products must expressed ingredients properly. Nalbantoğlu, stated that putting the product on the marketing without proper labeling “is simply wrong” and even the larger companies can get it wrong sometimes.

Yavuz Mollasalihoğlu, stated that there are some disagreements even among Muslim countries about Halal meat, however he did note that the Turkish government is developing a new halal certificate system which can be accepted by the all Muslim countries. Mollasalihoglu, stated that Turkish entrepreneurs will also be able to work successfully with certificated system in the UK and Europe. However, he emphasized that trustworthy companies must give out the halal certificate system and it cannot be allowed to create any doubt for people in the future. Yavuz Mollasalihoğlu who indicated that Kosher certificate system are being applied globally explained that the certificate by the Turkish government will be similarly accepted by all nations.

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