First European-Turkish Business Summit Held at Various Venues around Copenhagen
May 3 2013 | Category: Members - Image 2013 © UNITEE

DATIFED (The Danish Turkish Business Federation) organised the first ‘European Turkish Business Summit’ in Copenhagen. The event took place between the 3rd and 5th of May 2013. Hosted by the Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv) and coordinated with the European-Turkish Business Confederation (UNITEE), the summit was the first of its kind. Its aim was to ‘get in touch with the business professionals and to introduce them to each other. At the same time, we aim to build a bridge between the European Union and Turkey and to help European Countries out of their crisis positions’ said the President of DATIFED, Mr Musa Uyar. (Read More)

Over 200 distinguished guests attended the event. Among the speakers were Turkey’s Ambassador to Denmark Mr Berki Dibek, Danish Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Ms Margrethe Vestager, Danish Trade Minister Ms Pia Olsen Dyr, Director of International Relations at the Chamber of Commerce in Denmark Mr Jens Alsbirk, Director of Marketing at the Chamber of Commerce in Denmark Mr Jens Holst Nielsen and the President of UNITEE, Dr Adem Kumcu.

The first day of the event took place at the Danish Parliament and was hosted by Mr Nadeem Farooq, an MP of a New European background. The opening of the Summit started with the conference entitled ‘Economic Crisis and the Ethnic Economy’.

During the conference, Minister Vestager expressed her desire for better communication between the EU and Turkey,  in order to assist the dynamic Turkish economy, which can in turn help the EU to recover from the current economic crisis. She underlined the importance of such programs and her hope of seeing Turkish Ministers in attendance for future events. Danish Trade Minister Mrs Pia Olsen Dyr, stressed the desire to build trade relations with Turkey. She said that the 60,000 Turkish people in Denmark are second- or third-generation residents, who are well-educated and can help build stronger relations with Turkey.

Director of International Relations at the Chamber of Commerce in Denmark Mr Jens Alsbirk stated that Turkey had better economic performance than all member states together. On the other hand, Director of Marketing at the Chamber of Commerce in Denmark, Mr Jens Holst Nielsen, expressed his wish to expand the relations between Turkey and Denmark beyond merely imports and exports.

During his speech, President of UNITEE, Dr Adem Kumcu, stated that ‘the European Union is the biggest economic union in the world and although there is a crisis, the future of Europe will be bright’.

On the second day, the summit was hosted in Børsen, the old Stock Exchange building. The attendees had the opportunity to have B2B meetings and to meet people from different sectors such as machinery and industry, IT, health, tourism, food, construction, and other areas.

On the third and final day of the summit, the guests took in the sites of the city of Copenhagen.

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