Read The New European #7 – SMEs, the EU’s engine for growth
Feb 6 2017 | Category: Conferences Image-cat Meetings Publications - Image 2013 © UNITEE

SMEs, consisting of more 99% of all companies in the EU, play a fundamental role in shaping the future of economic growth of the continent. Nevertheless, such role is rarely acknowledged at the highest levels of policy making. For this reason, The New European has dedicated its latest issue to such a timely topic, in order to shed light on what the EU’s contribution could be in order to give SMEs the honor they deserve. The articles, written from a wide array of contributors coming from both the public and the private sectors, give a complete and optimistic overview of the state of the ‘silent champions of the EU’s economy’.

Read the latest print issue of The New European, UNITEE’s magazine, here.

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